Properties to renovate

Apulia | Old building overlooking the sea

Prestigious  and ancient building from 1841 with a veranda  of 15 smt, a terrace  of 110 smt, both overlook the sea, 2 bedrooms, height 4.50 meters, with balconies, a living room […]

Emilia Romagna | Palace Caldesi

Palace from fourteenth century, located in the historical center of Faenza close to ancient walls and  “Dei Servi”  medieval convent, on sale in trade-in bond with the […]

Lazio | Ancient villa from 700s close to Rome

Ancient villa located in Castel Sant’Angelo, Rieti Province, adjacent to the road Salaria.Its size is 480 square meters, from back to’ 700, with frescoes attributed to […]

Marche | Ancient palace dating back from 1700

Beautiful eighteenth-century palace  in exellent  structural condition, placed in  a picturesque village overlooking the Jesi hills (fdistance: 15 km from Jesi, 28 km from Ancona, 25 km from  […]

Piedmont | Whole ancient village

Complex of 7 buildings arranged in such a way as to constitute a small village,  historic centerin in the Metropolitan City of Turin. The buildings […]