Marvelous Villa by the architect design

price: € 20.000.000,00

Villa built in front of the beach, in Emerald Coast, in the north-east of Sardinia and the heart of the region internationally known, synonymous with luxury and quality of life. This house is a Giuseppe Polese architect’s project.  The building consists of 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, one service, living room, pantry, kitchen and adjacent dining room. Its area is approximately 233 square meters, for a total volume of 652 cubic meters inside a 3000 sqm. estate land, lies entirely in “Zone F” of the City of Arzachena, within the range of 300 meters from the sea, with its own parking spaces, faces east over the bay  and on the road development agreement. Its architectural style is a typical developed by the architects of  Emerald Coast, like other villas in that area. Forms, deliberately simple but well suited at their places and the materials used of their “Mediterranean” tradition, as the thick masonry, lime colorings, the roof tiles handmade terracotta floors and juniper woods, the whole fact creates an original language that manages to be just the place in question.

From beach 1 km
From town   5 km
From port    26 km
From airport  31 km
From turistic port  12 km