Three Dammusi shared 12000 smq, park, in Pantelleria isle, Sicily

price: € 700.000,00

The properties  are composed by three Dammusi in Pantelleria Island,  with  land of 12.000 square meters: one of these is ancient with area of 60 smq and two more in the rough.

The other two Dammusi are just built, both of about size of 50 square meters, retain all the characteristics of the place and are joined together by a terrace. There are other two small existing structures, probably originally small stalls, which can be retrieved .

The whole property is in the south/west side of the island, overlooking a magnificent view and is located in a very popular area as well as archaeological that prevents any kind of new construction .

In our office the redevelopment building and technical feasibility are available.

about 1 km distant from the sea and 6 km  and town