New Cottages with garden and pool in Gallura

price: € 800.000,00

The 10 cottages are 5 independent semi-detached houses. What is built along the common wall is the garages, therefore there isn’t any shared area and each flat is fully independent. The cottages are built on different altitudes and not in parallel, in order to reduce any kind of disturbance, both auditory and visual.

The location (Cala d’Oro of Porto Quadro) is prestigious: there is a semi-private beach and all around there are cottages and vegetation, so everything is pleasant and well-refined. What is special here is the possibility of living in contact with nature, where the time is beaten by the sound of the waves on the rocks, where the only sounds you can here are those of seagulls and cormorants, where you can frequently see partridges and turtles.

Ask to us all the different typologies on sale, all with pool and garden