Ancient Palace Caldesi in the historic Faenza

Palace from fourteenth century, located in the historical center of Faenza close to ancient walls and  “Dei Servi”  medieval convent, on sale in trade-in bond with the scientific restoration and assignmet of part of the plan land and the central court the adjoining public library, as requested by the Commission for the Architectural Emilia Romagna Region.
The palace is  4th storeys, basement, ground, first and roof terraces and total size is approximately 4262 smq; a large porch fronting the courtyard of  61 mt, the size of courtyard area (courtyard) is approx.  496 smq, and  total  size covered  is smq. 1466.
The appraisal of the work of functional recovery is about  € 10.7 million


The legend says that the large complex was originally the residence of the family of Manfredi, while it is more plausible belonging to the family Bazzolini; the nucleus of the Palace was supposedly built in the late ‘200 as the presence of portal and window with Gothic arch acute near the corner between the two streets, Manfredi and Comandini.Over the centuries, several families have followed the property until 1781, when it was acquired by the family Caldesi, from which the monument is called, and to whom we owe the most important restoration work and functional expansion and cant carried out, with room frescoes, attributed to Felice Giani and Peter plans on the main floor.
In 1875 the Land Registry are recorded a substantial amount of rooms: five in the basement, 27 on the ground floor, 28 on the first floor and 19 on the second floor.
In 1919 the new owner, Virginia Rossini, launched a general modernization, which aims to create apartments for rent, creating more rooms inside the halls of the main floor, equipping them with fireplaces and kitchens, and partially by patting the old lodge.
After the Second World War, which damaged almost nothing for the building were not many interventions on the building: some apartments were partially refurbished in the fifties and sixties by replacing the brick with granite flooring, or inserting small bathrooms. The last tenants left it around 1988. Today it is in a state of neglect and poor state of maintenance.

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