Prestigious neoclassic duplex in Faenza (RA)

price: € 470000

Prestigious neoclassic apartment
Lovely spacius  duplex-apartment, well frescoed by  Felice Giani  painter in the Neoclassical, with plasters by Ballanti Graziani decorator with the same artists of Palazzo Milzetti.  Inside “Casa Fagnoli” (the house where Felice Giani painter lived), prestigious building from 18th cent., placed in Faenza (RA) close to the Cathedral in the historical center.
In the first level there is the living area: hall, 2 frescoed living rooms, kitchen with dining room, bathroom, loggia and laundry room; in the upper floor: 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms for a total gross area of approximately 220 square meters .
The property includes a parking  in the courtyard and a large cellar.
The restoration works are still going on, so it could offer to the buyer many possibilities for customization.
The price refers at the property already renovated

About Faenza & Around
All over the world, Faenza is synonymous with ceramics but above all else it is a place where the art of ceramics has perpetually bound the old and the new and where a vibrant artistic consciousness can be felt equally in the artisans’ workshops, the noble palaces, the art schools and the cultural and touristic events.
The town itself is the real masterpiece. Its impressive Piazza del Popolo (where we get a feel for the Renaissance division between municipal power and religious power), the late 15th centuryCathedral, the early 17th century Fountain, Palazzo Milzetti (which is now the Museum of Neoclassicism in Romagna), the Art Gallery (Pinacoteca), the Masini Theatre, the Piazza Nenni or Piazza della Molinella, and the elegant frescoed buildings of the historic town centre sit side-by-side with the town’s lively commercial fabric, made up of ceramics and antiques shops, elegant boutiques , wine houses, restaurants and trattorias.
Faenza is a sober, elegant town but the sense of tranquillity here makes it by no means provincial or boring. Museums, ceramic schools and institutions attract artists and students from all over the world. Many of these often choose to stay on here once they have finished studying or completed their artistic projects and this adds to that magical sense of serenity, artistic vivacity and sociability that leaves visitors to the town with the feeling that they have seen a place which nurtures the philosophy of good living.
Faenza inland area is a great destination for nature lovers and excursionists and there are lots of delightful places that are well-known for their art history and stunning scenery.

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