Poveglia and Octagon Island , South Venice lagoon , Veneto

price: € 3.000.000

Building complex consists of three islands named Poveglia and Octagon  Island, located in the southern lagoon of Venice.  The  south island named  Octagon Poveglia for its octagonal shape, presents buildings dating from the V century destined to monasteries, then  shipyards and hospitals . The three islands were finally abandoned in the 60s . The total area of the whole lot is 72,000 square meters and is bound by the Italian Code for Cultural Legislative Decree 42/04.

Property added to public auction by the Italian State Property , warning prot . n . 2014/49  on  03.06.2014

The site includes 21 buildings arranged for a total of 9440 square meters for which the City of Venice through the PAT has whose redevelopment and recovery for use with protection buoyancy twentieth century and the construction of new residences, community facilities , accommodation and agriculture (part of the island of Poveglia is currently destined to agriculture), and the construction of new links with the neighboring Octagon. The future actions allowed are: restoration , renovation with constraint , demolition , remediation conservative maintenance. It is estimated the action for the recovery of € 1.7 million as well as redevelopment and infrastructure of the area outside.

In our office the redevelopment building and technical feasibility are available.