"La Cittadella" Entire little village from XVIII century close to Corigliano Rossano (CS) - Calabria

price: € 950.000

Group of buildings  dating from 1700,  total size about 7,000 smq, built in the shortest courtyard, consists with a noble building of the XVIII century, at  3th storey, with the main base size of 2,900 smq, courtyard of 700 smq and buildings accessories of one/two storey, currently lack coverage, which take up 1.500 sqm. The entire complex must be renovated. The group consists of a frontal building  of  2th storey with the main  gate;  a building on the right side of the courtyard  size of 650 smq; a building on the left side of the courtyard floor; the main building is located on the bottom of the complex, at 3th storey, with balconies.
The entire complex is shared at 4000 sqm courtyard driveway,  a large courtyard to the east size of 6000 smq which is also suitable for vehicles,  with Olive trees plantations.
The recovery of the complex is intended by  the European Union  for rural development program Calabria Region to Corigliano Rossano (CS).

Lamezia Terme Airport km 146
Bari km Airport km 230

In our office the redevelopment building and technical feasibility are available.