Farm in Monteleone D'Orvieto, Terni, Umbria

This farm exists in the public registry since 1850 and belonged at Marquis Misciattelli. A 3th storey building, has  970 sqm size; it’s allowed to  increase its volume by additional more 160 sqm. The floors and ceilings of the ground floor and first floor are original, the roof was rednovated  for the anti-seismic rules . During the 40s was used as tobacco drying and abandoned in 1970.

Land has a 1000 sqm. area. The building is inside a village so all the connections between the various devices are simple. Farm is placed in Monteleone D’Orvieto, Terni  between Trasimeno and Bolsena Lakes 

In our office the redevelopment building and technical feasibility are available.