Ex convent complex consisting in monastery and church, founded in the XVI century by PP Capuchin

price: € 700.000

The monastic complex, consists with monastery and the church, were founded in the sixteenth century by Capuchin friars on a hill overlooking the town of Modigliana, recognized by the monks as Mount Zion. The complex was built in 1561. It was formed by the present church (dedicated to St. Mary of Peace) and some cells that surrounded the ancient well, viewing in the center of the small  cloister. In 1577  was built the choir and were later made a series of expansions that led the monastery to the present form. The church was built between 1624 and 1625 on the front porch. In 1746 the entire monastery was affected by a series of restoration and expansion which led to the creation of the library and the sacristy. The complex, mostly made of masonry with stone walls, is composed of six separate blocks: Church sacristy and library, housing area of ​​the monks, the refectory and services on the ground floor; cells, infirmary on the first floor; guesthouse; cloister; hall of the third order; vinaia.

The plant of the church has two naves separated by three arches; the interior is decorated with wooden altars and the main altar enriched by a large painting of Mastella. Both the main nave that the chapels have vaulted ceilings, while the church has a wooden trusses, as the choir and the sacristy library. The cloister situated in the center of the complex, has a rectangular plan divided by octagonal pillars and arches, in  the center of the cloister is the well that according to historical notes has Roman origins. Upstairs are located the cells with size and irregular distribution. The church is inserted in the rest of the complex, which surrounds almost completely. The façade and porch are plastered. The portal presents a sixteenth frame sandstone with a gable triangular broken.

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