Old Farm in Borgo Scorzone, Castellana Grotte (BA), Apulia

price: € 580.000,00

Ciampacotta is an old farmhouse  placed on the hills  about 12 km distance from Polignano, between Castellana Grotte and Monopoli in Borgo Scorzone close to Bari. The farm consists in a main building, on 2th storey with several rooms, once used as stockrooms or animal shelters, total size ​​952 smq. Although the buildings need of renovation works, important  is the  excellent conditions of the main structures. The land area shared it is more 30,000 smq, and grown  with olive trees , some of which are sizable . It can purchase additional adjacent land with olive groves sites around the farm .The materials and shapes of this buildings make this  e unique property.