Ancient village with 7 buidings to renovate

price: € 280.000,00

Complex of 7 buildings arranged in such a way as to constitute a small village,  historic centerin in the Metropolitan City of Turin. The buildings overlooks two courts, placed on different levels and connected to each other, which constitute  of small squares. The properties have constructive characteristics substantially homogeneous and presumably are very ancient building. The currently functions are of two types: residential and warehouse/storage. The state of maintenance is not homogeneous; there are some units that can be inhabited and others who require important building interventions and plant improvement. The total gross assets is of sm. 975, 77

List and description of real estate assets

1) Manufactured:  The property is a second storey building for residential use with a basement and is composed as follows: kitchen, living room, hallway, toilet, pantry and utility room (former barn) on the ground floor; 3 bedrooms and utility room on the ground first; cellar in the basement. The property is in overall poor state of repair, works of intervention required: Insulation and dehumidifying to foundations and walls in elevation. Sm. 234.29

2) Manufactured: The property is a one storey building  and comprises: entrance hall, kitchen, bedroom and local eviction. Condition: poor. state of repair.  Sm. 72,40

3) Manufactured: The property is a 3th storey building with a basement and is composed as follows: floor room ground; room and balcony on the first floor; uninhabitable attic on the second floor; room and utility room to basement (actually two small wineries low cramped and unhealthy); W.C. outside the building. The various levels are connected by flights of outdoor stairs. The property must be renovated. Sm. 148.28

4) Deposit: The property is a one storey building  with a single combined deposit. The property must be renovated: it must be equipped with pavement, plants in operation and must be to complete the re-roofing. Sm. 30,15

5) Manufactured: The property is a 3th storey building  and comprises: entrance hall, kitchen, 2 toilets, 3 bedrooms, laundry / bathroom, storage / boiler room on the ground floor; 4 bedrooms, hallway, attic, roof and closed balcony on the first floor; uninhabitable attic. The property is in fairly good state of repair except the bathroom /laundry room and storage /Central Thermal which  needing a renovation. Sm. 413.62

6) Canopy: The property is a 2th storey building comprises: 2 environments, providing storage to ground floor and an open shed on the first floor. The property must be renovated. They are required to complete construction projects and plant improvement. Sm. 82.50

7) Manufactured: The property is a 2th storey building and a basement and is composed as follows: basement. Basement; room and balcony on the first floor and attic is not habitable and not easily accessible, with balcony without adequate protection. The basement and the one above are connected via an outside staircase. The property must be renovated. It takes major construction projects and distribution plant to make the building suitable to current housing needs. Sm. 77.03

8) Land sqm TOT. 227

Destination optimal building complex (highest and best use)

considering the particular characteristics of the village and the place we recommend converting the property asset at three uses:

1 – residential 1: establishment characterized by two courts common and a unified management. It  may be proposed not only to buyers interested in use first house but also to buyers (Italian and foreign) interested in a second home in a village with high environmental quality;

2 – residential 2: residences for elderly horizontal”

It characterized by depriving apartments but with meeting places common and integrated management of services such as cleaning, laundry, maintenance, commissions. This is the formula that allows you to streamline costs and combat loneliness;

3 – tourist accommodation: widespread hotel  located in the historical center, with rooms and services located in different buildings close to each other though.

Torre Canavese  The Village

Charming country already known in medieval times, inserted into a place of high environmental value pre-Alpine, Dominated by the impressive buildings of the old town, relax on the slope of a hill, extreme western amphitheater moraine of Ivrea. The place is seductive. Witness the fact that the major families of the Canavese, from San Martino to Antoniono, by Stria to Roddi Cinzano to Balbo Vinadio, if you fought for centuries; Meanwhile generations of farmers generous and stubborn transformed it into a garden of terraced vineyards, cultivated fields, woods lovingly tended. Its houses are now embellished with a hundred paintings of the greatest artists of the former Soviet Union and the Canavese. In this space full of Roman remains and ancient peat bogs, mixed and confused with the green of the forest and the blue sky, the atmosphere is idyllic. The great poet Guido Gozzano Twilight Canavese, that the harvest beauty of the place, he was inspired by the ethereal visions and blend the dormer seventeenth century Miss Felicita.

The complex is located in the center of Torre Canavese, in the Metropolitan City of Turin (former Province Turin), in the area of ​​Canavese.

It is an area of ​​high environmental value, characterized by a varied landscape, with direct connection major urban centers and the main airports in the North-West.

The following are the main distances from points of interest:

– SS 565 for Ivrea and Rivarolo: about 1.5 km;

– Nearest train station: Rivarolo Canavese (Line 1 of the Metropolitan Railway Service Turin) about

11 Km; Ivrea (Turin – Aosta) about 16 km;

– Motorway junction nearest Ivrea, the A5 Torino – Monte Bianco, about 12 Km;

– Turin Caselle airport: 30 km;

– Milan Malpensa airport: about 110 km;

– Turin city: about 40 Km;

– Milan city about 125 Km;

– Genoa: about 190 Km;

– Aosta: 80 km.