Villa built in 700s and garden in Castel Sant'Angelo, Rieti

price: € 200.000,00

Ancient villa located in Castel Sant’Angelo, Rieti Province, adjacent to the road Salaria.Its size is 480 square meters, from back to’ 700, with frescoes attributed to Calcagnadoro (famous painter of Rieti also known for having painted the University of Palermo), shared to a pretty garden of 1140 square meters. The first floor of the villa consists of a single apartment (divisible) with two sepatated entrances, one from the outside path of private property, and one from the private garden. The villa has a kitchen, two bathrooms, and 12 rooms. The ground floor of the villa is a  warehouses. The floor is cobblestone brickwork, quaint, and in the ceiling, wooden beams. Nearby, at the foot of wooded mountains are the ancient Baths of Vespasian at which, universities have created a center of archaeological research; in the village there are three small lakes, the largest of which is the swimming lake Paterno (100 meters from our property). Close 2 km to the SPA baths there is Cotilia where are the sources of sulfur water and a spa center, where they are charged massages and various treatments for health, welfare and the aesthetics of the person. Significant landscape are the ancient villages of Paterno and Castel Sant’Angelo with its fortress, which also preserves the tower, with a splendid view of Mount Janus and the valley below. In the town of baths (100 meters from the property) there is a train station connected to L’Aquila, Rome and Terni.

In our office the redevelopment building and technical feasibility are available.

Distances by car:10 minutes from Rieti40 minutes from L’Aquila (Abruzzo)1 hour from Rome50 minutes from Terni (Umbria)20 minutes from the ski areas of Monte Terminillo

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